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Tiramisu trifle

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  1. 1

    Place the bdark muscovado sugar, coffee and water in a saucepan and heat gently until dissolved. Pour into a shallow dish and add the coffee liqueur then leave to cool.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 25g Unrefined dark muscovado sugar
    • 3 tbsp Coffee granules instant
    • 150ml Water
  2. 2

    Cut the Madeira sponge into 5mm (1/4in) slices.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 450g Madeira cake sponge
  3. 3

    Place the mascarpone and creme fraiche in a bowl and add the icing sugar. Beat well until smooth.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 500g Mascarpone cheese
    • 200g Crème fraîche
    • 50g Icing sugar to dust
  4. 4

    Dip one third of the sponge slices in the coffee mixture, turning once so they become soaked, then place in the bottom of the serving bowl. Cover with one third of the mascarpone mixture. Dip another third of the sponge slices in the coffee mixture and layer in the bowl.

  5. 5

    Repeat with another layer of mascarpone and the remaining sponge slices, then spread the remaining mascarpone over the top to completely cover the sponge. Cover the bowl and chill in the refrigerator overnight.

  6. 6

    To serve, roughly crumble the amaretti biscuits and sprinkle over the top surface. Mix together the cocoa and icing sugar and use to dust the top of the trifle.

    For this step you'll need:

    • Amaretti biscuits
    • 1tsp Cocoa powder
    • 1tsp Icing sugar to dust

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