Millionaire's cheesecake - recipe

Millionaire's cheesecake

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  1. 1

    Preheat the oven to 180˚C (fan 160˚C, gas mark 4).

  2. 2

    Mix flour and sugar in a bowl and rub in the butter until it resembles breadcrumbs. Knead together to form a dough.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 125g Plain white flour
    • 40g Unrefined golden caster sugar
    • 50g Butter (unsalted)
  3. 3

    Press the dough into the base of a 20cm loose bottomed cake tin, bake for 15 minutes until firm to touch and lightly browned, then allow to cool.

  4. 4

    For the filling, melt the butter, muscovado sugar and condensed milk in a small pan. Bring slowly to the boil and simmer until thickened (around 5 minutes), stirring continuously.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 50g Butter (unsalted)
    • 50g Unrefined light muscovado sugar
    • 397ml Condensed milk
  5. 5

    Reserve 175g of the caramel, spooning the rest on to the base and smoothing over. Allow to cool.

  6. 6

    Beat the cream cheese and reserved cooled caramel together in a large bowl.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 300g Cream cheese
  7. 7

    Whisk the cream until it forms soft peaks and fold into the cream cheese and caramel mixture. Spoon on to the cooled caramel layer on the base and place in the fridge to set.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 200ml Double cream
  8. 8

    In short bursts, melt the dark chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. Slowly stir in the double cream until smooth, pour over the cheesecake and let it set before tucking in.

    For this step you'll need:

    • 100g Dark chocolate
    • 125ml Double cream
    • 15g Milk chocolate

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