Laddu peethi (street food from Lahore)or Ladoo pithi

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Laddu peethi

Laddu Peethi is a common street food from Lahore Pakistan .It looks like kind of "falafel", usually served with apricot sauce , sweet and sour tamarind & plum sauce and white radish salad.Recipe is very simple and easy , you'll enjoy cooking it and love eating it again and again.

for apricot sauce you need
dried apricot 300g
salt 1/2 teaspoon or according to taste
red chili powder 1 1/2 teaspoon
mint and coriander leaves 6 to 7
cornstarch for thickening

For tamarind and plum sauce you need
Dried plums(prunes) 300g
tamarind pulp 1/2 cup
sugar 2-3 tablespoon
salt 1/4 teaspoon
red chili powder 1 teaspoon
cornstarch for thickening

For laddus you need
Yellow split peas 1 cup
split and dehusked black gram lentils
also known as urad daal 1 cup
baking powder 2 teaspoon
salt 2 teaspoon
whole cumin 1 tablespoon
red chili flakes 1 tablespoon or according to taste

Directions :
Soak lentils in water at room temprature for atleast 8 hours or overnight for best results.
Soak prunes and apricots as well ,for atleast 4 hours .

let's start with making sauce because we don't want our crispy and hot laddus get colder and soggy in wait for sauce .. Laddus tastes best if served hot.

1 . Combine soaked apricots and 500ml water in a sauce pan.
2 . Bring it to boil.
3 .Cover with lid and let it simmer slowly for 20 minutes .
4 . Mash softened apricots with spoon .
6. Add salt , chili, chopped mint and coriander leaves and 2 to 3 spoons cornstarch dissolved in half glass of water for thickening .
7. cook untill sauce thickens
8. Apricot sauce is ready to serve.

1 . Combine soaked prunes , tamarind pulp and 500ml water in a sauce pan.
2 . Bring it to boil.
3 .Cover with lid and let it simmer slowly for 20 minutes .
4. Turn of heat .
5 .Remove all the plum pits with the help of spoon .or if you want you can simply strain it .
6 .Use mixer to get a smooth texture if not strained.
7 .Add sugar ,red chili , salt and 2-3 spoons cornstarch mixed with half a glass of cold water for thickening.
8 .cook untill you get a smooth shiny silky texture of sauce .
9. your sweet and sour tamarind sauce ready to serve.

1 .Strain out water and blend lentils completely in a fine normal thick paste by adding a little water.
2 .Add baking soda ,salt,cumin and red cilli flakes in the lentil batter and mix well with spoon to add air in mixture.
3 .Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
4 .Heat up oil
5 .Fry Laddus as shown in video on slow flame from both side until golden brown.
Serve hot crispy Laddus with white radish salad and sauce.

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